MESA Magazine is a digital platform dedicated to celebrating culture, sex, fashion, and politics in Middle Eastern and South Asian (MESA) communities, for all to explore. Our philosophy is that Middle Eastern and South Asian writers should be able to write about more than just race and cultural identity, despite the fact that this is what editors mostly commission us for.

We’re very excited about challenging this concept and we hope you are too. Why? Because it’s time we finally have a platform to voice our thoughts, whether on style, comedy, books or your mum’s best curry.

If you want to get involved as a volunteer writer, please check out our MESA house style and guidelines and send us an email.

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Our Team:

Kardelen Yuce & Armani Syed – Co-Founders, Editors-in-Chief

Rabbil Sikdar – Politics Editor

Shahfaq Shahbaz – Creative Direction

Mathushaa Sagthidas – Photographer & Stylist

Tasneem Mahmud – Production

Kaz Bosali – Sales & Marketing

Kiran Saggu – Contributing Editor