I tried TikTok’s self-care challenge for a week and now it’s a habit for life

Last year, I was convinced that TikTok was for children. I had conversations about how annoying the app was and that I’d die before ever using the platform myself. Alive and well, and officially hooked, I’m now a TikTok aficionado. I talk about TikTok all day. I could write an essay absolutely no one asked for on how great TikTok is, especially for self-care.

Unlike other social media platforms, TikTok feels like it’s here to and elevate you. From how to enter the stock market to useful life hacks and career advice, it isn’t just about establishing an aesthetic like Instagram. It’s authentic, and people aren’t afraid to share their knowledge, thoughts, and even their vulnerability to uplift others. There’s a real sense of community to it.

For me, it helped when a relative had passed away earlier this year. It was tough trying to navigate work while my loved ones were devastated. I initially downloaded TikTok for a research project but ended up becoming devoted to the app and spent my evenings scrolling through self-care videos.

Instead of feeling blank and numb after using the app, I felt motivated and eager to do something about my grief at the time. I leaned towards trying out one of the trending challenges, which aimed to improve all aspects of your life.

Self-care, eating well and working out were all trending, and I wanted to be a part of it. I tried the following routine every day for a week, and the results were more than what I anticipated.

5am: Wake up & Work Out

In the mornings, I started my day with a workout or tried to meditate for an hour. Lily Sabri and Emi Wong motivated me to power through jumping lunges and burpees, regardless of my pre-caffeinated state of mind.

6am: Shower & Get Ready

After taking a cold shower, I dressed up for the day, regardless of whether I would work from home or go out. This So Eco Biodegradable Gentle Detangling Brush made the whole process a lot easier, and my scalp didn’t suffer like it usually does.

7am: Breakfast & Journal

Filling my gut with nutritious foods while writing down my intentions for the day became a crucial part of my routine. Along with a filling breakfast (mostly peanut butter and chocolate baked oats), these Hair Gain gummies for hair growth were a part of my routine.

1pm: Lunchtime

Since I’ve been trying to cut down on my meat consumption, I’ve noticed there are a plethora of vegan brands out there. Shicken, which is a vegan Asian ready meal brand made my lunchtime meal planning a lot easier, and quicker, which left me with more time to myself and I can confidently say I’m now hooked.

6pm: Evening Stroll

Regardless of not having a lot of ‘going out’ options, I still spent my evenings getting ready and putting on makeup, even if it was just to go for a stroll around the park. This Emolyne lip kit stayed on through the evening and face mask.

8pm: Night Skincare Routine

Pre-lockdown, my skincare routine was non-existent, I even slept in makeup sometimes – don’t judge me – but since discovering OLEHERIKSEN, this all changed. Especially with the help of their Lemonade Smoothing Scrub, which helped smooth my skin.

9.30pm: Read & Sleep

I tried to end my day in the most relaxing way possible, and this included reading. While doing so, I set the scene by lighting my favourite candle from SKANDINAVISK which helped me feel calm and peaceful.

Without exaggeration, this routine was life-changing. After several months of practicing the above routine, these daily activities have now become a part of my lifestyle. Looking back, the way I used to treat my body beforehand gives me shivers, and understanding that a healthy lifestyle helped me to foster opportunities, a more positive mindset and more confidence was a game changer.

My favourite proverb is that small wins in life lead to bigger wins, and so far my new routine has proved this to be true. If that isn’t a good enough reason to add self-care to your routine, then what is?

Note: all products mentioned in this article have been gifted.

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