MESA Reviews: IRÉN Skin Superfruit Booster Customized Serums

Since lockdown restrictions have been put in place and working from home has become the new norm, most of us have extra time on our hands. It also means we’re staying indoors more than usual, so our skin is missing out on the benefits of natural sunlight. As a result, we need to invest more in our skincare routines and find out what works for us. For me, the personalised IRÉN Skin products was a game-changer. 

The Japenese skincare brand integrates age-old rituals with science to produce ethical and customisable skincare. Co-founded by Kristin Chen, and led by an all-female team, IRÉN Skin has analysed more than 10,000 ingredients with clinical tests to find the safest and most effective solution. They have banned over 2,000 toxic ingredients, and they do not use animal-derived ingredients or test on them.

They are known for their Superfruit Booster Customized Serums, which is a range of seven serums targeting different skin concerns created to adapt to a modern and active lifestyle. They have revolutionised Japanese skincare by simplifying the art of layering. You are advised to mix up to three serums out of the seven options and use it in one step. This single step application is made possible with their patented technology, ziplock encapsulation, which allows active ingredients to be better absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.

After sending details of my skin type and my key concerns, I received a box of the Star Light serum (works for brightening the skin), the Glow-Getter (renewal serum), and Quench-Up (hydrating serum). 

The steps are simple – each product has a pump-like cap and you could either use one of the three products or use all three in one go. I mix all three of the serums on the palm of my hand and massage gently onto my skin. You can also combine the serums with your current skincare routine, due to the aforementioned ziplock encapsulation.

Besides the clean and minimal packaging, the best part of the products was that they left my skin coruscating, with a dewy base – glossy, but not greasy. I’ve been mixing these with my regular skincare routine, and my skin doesn’t feel overwhelmed with products. 

Apply the products once a day and you’ll start to see results after four to six weeks of regular use.

Best of all? Even when we do eventually go back to normality, this skincare routine isn’t time-consuming and can easily fit into a busy schedule. 

You can shop the range at Lone Design Club.

Follow @lonedesignclub and @irenskin on Instagram for more information.

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