MESA Reviews: the spa mist treatment that saved my bleached-blonde hair

It’s been nearly five years since I first bleached my hair, so it’s safe to say my hair has seen it all. From bleach blonde to pastel pink, to black, caramel, and even purple (2010’s worst trend possible), my hair has been officially dyed out.

My hair is beyond damaged and considering I have very textured hair naturally due to my Middle Eastern roots, I desperately needed professional help. That’s when Inanch emerged as my saviour, and my hair was able to replenish and restore some of its natural shine. 

Upon arriving for my Spa Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment, I was greeted and seated, with full Covid-19 precautions in place. The stylist escorted me to my seat and thoroughly explained what the treatment involved. 

Using mist, the product penetrates deeper into your hair – taking the nourishment where it is needed the most and practically ‘healing’ your hair from the inside out. Special features include hair care (conditioning & strengthening) which penetrates deep into the hair for a longer-lasting effect, scalp care (exfoliating & stimulating) – opens the pores to clean the scalp and restoring even colouring.

After the stylist applied the product to my hair, I was taken into a dark room with a star-lit ceiling and almost fell asleep during the 20-minute process of the warm mist being blown into my scalp. It felt more like a spa treatment and the head massage that followed instilled me with a sense of calmness for the rest of the day. 

Ending with a blowdry by Inanch herself, I left with bouncy, airy locks and my bleach blonde hair felt the healthiest since the last time I dyed it. There was a soft shine to it and I honestly couldn’t stop touching it. 

I spoke to Inanch and was intrigued to find out more about the salon. Check out our conversation below with the queen of hair extensions. 

MESA: Tell me more about Inanch and your target demographic?

Inanch: Inanch London is an award-winning, boutique salon in the heart of London Fiztorivia on Great Portland Street. We pride ourselves on having a warm, inclusive atmosphere within the salon and welcome clients from all over the world.

MESA: Can you talk me through the most common services you provide here?

Inanch: At Inanch London, we offer the full spectrum of hair services. From high-end cuts, blow-drys, and colour transformations to our Luxury Gold Class Hair extensions, we really do have something to cater for all our clients’ needs.

We are passionate about hair loss and specialize in a lot of exclusive, cutting edge hair loss solutions. We offer the full Cesareragazzi, CNC hair replacement system, which offers customised hairpieces from 3D technology, and the CRLab range of products designed to combat hair loss at the first signs.

MESA: How does Inanch cater to Middle Eastern and South Asian customers, such as those with coarse hair?

Inanch: Coming from Cyprus myself, I’ve grown up surrounded by amazing Middle Eastern women, with the most elegant and glamorous hair. Fuller hair can be difficult to manage, however, we offer a large range of treatments perfect for those lucky enough to have full, thick hair. 

Depending on the look our client would like to achieve, whether that is a beautiful, bouncy wave or curls or looking for a more permanent sleek blow-dry we’ve got you covered.

Our Spa Mist treatment is amazing for cleansing and adding moisture; we have four types of Keratin/Brazilian treatments, Nano keratin, Nano Botox Repair and Fibre Protein plus Yuko’s Hair Straightening treatment.

We recommend depending on hair type, condition and look requested by our clients.

MESA: For those who have bleached and coarse hair, how does the Spa Mist Hair & Scalp Treatment help?

Inanch: Healthy hair really does start at the scalp. The Spa Mist repairs and rejuvenates both the hair and scalp. Clearing away any dead skin cells from the scalp and giving hair back its strength, without weighing it down with heavy conditioning treatments.

We use Philip Kingsley’s award-winning Elasticizer treatment and heat to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft, taking the nourishment where it is needed the most and helping to heal the hair from the inside out.

We have the Spa Mist Express option, at 20 minutes is great for those who are time-poor but need that moisture injection or the Full Spa Mist, 40 minutes for a deeper, more intense treatment.

Both treatments will leave your hair visibly smoother and softer.

MESA: How do you create the ‘natural look,’ especially for customers with damaged or difficult hair?

Inanch: The secret is to choose the right cut and colour for the client’s hair type, making it easy to maintain and so they don’t have to use too much heat every time they want to style the do.

We recommend regular trims and hair conditioning treatments at least once a week to keep your strong and prevent further damage.

MESA: You’re renowned for your hair extension services – how do you ensure your customers get the best set of extensions that work around their lifestyle?

Inanch: Having worked with and applied hair extensions for over 20 years, in 2013 we decided to launch our range of premium hair extensions and named the brand Gold Class. Ethically sourced from factories we have personally visited and vetted ourselves, we are confident we have one of the best products in the market.

To begin, we have an in-depth consultation with clients assessing their hair and scalp condition. We sit down for a good chat working through what look they would like to achieve, what does their day-to-day look like, what’s their budget and how much upkeep are they prepared to do? What exercise or sports might they enjoy? We really try to explore all the practicalities of their lives to ensure they are comfortable.

Once we have all the information, we give our recommendation. We offer clip-ins, tapes, weaves, loops and bonds, all made from outstanding, quality hair.

MESA: Finally, what’s been the most popular hairdo this season and what do you hope to see more of?

Inanch: Tousled lobs and mid-length, blunt cuts are proving very popular this season. Styled with waves, making for that slightly undone look.

In colour, as summer comes to a close we will no doubt see a move towards darker mocha and redder tones.

For a full list of the services provided by Inanch, or to book your visit to the salon, click here.

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