Six times Bella Hadid was a style icon

Since she burst onto the fashion scene, Bella Hadid has been a style force to be reckoned with. Her 90s modelesque aura is ubiquitous and exudes a nonchalant demeanour.

Our half Arabian idol practically owns every piece of clothing she wears, whether on the catwalk or on the way to a stream of glamorous parties.

From oversized blazers to biker jackets, Bella always knows how to turn heads, and in honour of her fabulousness, here are six times Bella Hadid was a style icon.

Everything about this photo pops, including Bella’s eyes complemented by the Dior eyeshadow.
If oversized blazers could have an ambassador, it would be Bella Hadid.
Make it safe, but fashion? Bella’s got you covered.
Probably one of Bella’s many jaw dropping moments, this outfit ticks all the boxes in so many ways.
Is there anything she can’t pull off?
From head to toe, this look is extraordinary in every way.

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