Six times Turkish rock band Duman captivated the music scene

If there was ever a competition for a band that combines elements of traditional Turkish folk music with modern rock and grunge, Duman would unquestionably be the triumpher.

Founded in 1999, the band features Kaan Tangöze on vocals and guitar, Ari Barokas on bass guitar and backing vocals, Batuhan Mutlugil on lead guitar and drummer Mehmet Demirdelen.

Along with many other Turkish rock bands, Duman challenges the stereotype of what Turkish music is. Sure, ‘oriental’ tones do make up some of our playlists, but most Turkish teens and young adults adopt to rock culture, including its fashion.

The band often addresses love, relationships, break-ups and partying in their music – the core predicaments of Turkish adolescence. Whatever mood you’re in, whether it’s in search for words to heal from a break-up, or to enjoy a couple of drinks with friends, Duman is here to accommodate.

The group have more to offer beyond musical talent, they exude a nonchalance sense of style, coupled with a laconic image. In honour of their success, we’ve rounded up six times the sensational rock ensemble have captivated the Turkish music scene.

Better than you – a song about a love interest which cannot be compared to another
Ah – a love interest so special, she makes an impact wherever she goes
Tonight – drinking and partying tonight
She broke your heart
I saved myself for you
Life has shown its ups and downs, but has mostly upset us

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