The Turkish queer performers you should follow

What can one do to escape the realm of Tiktok videos or Coronavirus memes during a lockdown? Perhaps you could learn a new language, write a book, practice yoga or start a podcast?

Alternatively, you could just take the break you deserve and read a couple of buoyant listicles instead of trying to become the next self-made billionaire with 10 awards and a Wikipedia page.

If you have a penchant for refreshing and vivid content, then you can find your joie de vivre here as we’ve curated a wonderful listicle of the Turkish queer performers you should follow.

Be warned, the list is an oeuvre that will have you repeatedly clicking that Instagram ‘follow’ button instead of practising your acceptance speech for when you win that ‘Podcaster of The Year’ award right after you finish chatting to Oprah about how you ended world poverty.

Matmazel Coco – Instagram: @matmazelcocomc

Madir Oktis – Instagram: @oktem

Deniz Asiri – Instagram: @theonlydenizasiri

Pepi The 4th – Instagram: @pepithe4th

Florence Delight – Instagram: @florencedelight

Willie Ray – Instagram: @willieray_undeadundeadundead (image credits: Sudegee)

Ceytengri – Instagram: @ceytengri

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