MESA’s guide to working from home

The adjustment to working from home may be more arduous for some than others. It’s a shock to the system and you may find that you’re watching the news longer than usual, and with that comes a meringue of COVID-19 consumption. Death tolls, incessant updates from the Prime Minister, lockdowns, and frantic “are you alive?” calls from relatives can become commonplace and make us question how we can instil some structure back into our lives?

The sudden pressing need to work from home and avoid human contact could lead to intense anxiety and impediment, so here at MESA, we’ve assembled a guide to invigorate and uplift those struggling to strike a healthy work-life balance. 


Does waking up at 8.59 am for your 9 am job sound familiar? This is the most natural trap to fall into but can easily be avoided with a bit of will power. Looking shabby can equate to feeling dishevelled, which can translate into your work and impact how you perform. 

This is when you should introduce more structure into your life. Set your alarm, workout, eat breakfast and then chose your work outfit. This way, when the inevitable last-minute video call comes in, you’ll switch on like the brown Harvey Spector that you are. Depending on your work environment, you’ll either pick a blazer, perhaps a cotton-linen one with smart trousers to go with, or if you’re in a more relaxed workplace, you could go for a beachy toned shirt with wide-legged shorts.

In terms of footwear, no one cares about this part unless your Zoom conference call requires you to stretch your leg over your head for some odd reason. Do circus performers work from home too?

Chose your accessories accordingly to your outfit. At MESA, we’re a fan of these Bindis (pictured above) by Bindi Babe.

Grooming/ Beauty

This is an essential yet unexpected step in our how-to guide. Taking the time to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise is more crucial than you think and will help you keep a semblance of sanity. 

Although no one can really see your skin (except the person you’re living/ bickering with) it’s something that can raise the spirits in a time of tenebrosity. Plus you have to do something to overcompensate for the lack of vitamin D that comes with an indoor lifestyle. It’s simple yet effective, and we worship this exfoliating Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub from Huda Beauty, the ultimate Middle Eastern beauty guru.


Tempted to glide around in your underwear all day, only getting up to empty the fridge or use the bathroom? Don’t. This will only make you feel worse, if you have a daily workout goal and complete it, there will be a sensation of accomplishment and fulfilment to reward you instead of (or as well as) that doughnut.

There are so many at-home workouts on the internet, from apps to YouTube videos, and Instagram influencers are posting their new routines. Check out Fidan Anderson, who’s definitely got us covered all round, fitness-wise. 

Workspace/ environment

If you can, make room for a dedicated working area with no distractions. If not, transform your current space by decluttering and changing your decor to make way for a little more ambience. At this point in life, minimalism shouldn’t just be a trend or the buzzword used to define your Instagram feed, it should be what you see when you switch off your laptop. 

We’ve been inspired by Istikbal’s rustic yet contemporary way of decorating. You don’t have to go all out like they did, but simplifying your surrounding and adding a couple of plants and candles can invite a sense of freshness and simplicity into your working life. 

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